Review: Almost Home by Joan Bauer

Twelve year old Sugar Mae Cole is going through a lot. Her father has abandoned her and her mother, Reba, and Sugar and Reba are losing money fast. So when they finally become homeless, Sugar can’t understand why she’s so shocked. Suddenly, Reba has an emotional breakdown and winds up in the hospital. Sugar and her new puppy Shush are put in foster care, and Sugar turns to writing beautiful free verse poems as a stress reliever.

I liked this book because Sugar was a girl who never gave up, and I also LOVED Shush, her adorable little doggy.

I didn’t like how the book was so confusing. Sugar has about, I don’t know, two or three “father figures” in this book. The problem-I couldn’t tell which one was her actual father! Also, I didn’t really understand the relationship between Jorie/Jovie/Josie’s family (she’s Sugar’s friend, but I forget her name) and the Coles. They just go over to each other’s houses randomly, and also Reba moves into their house randomly, so that was kind of weird.

But overall, the book was really good, and I give it 4 or 4.5 stars 😀


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