The Humming Room by Ellen Potter

Orphan Roo Fanshaw has always  had a knack for hiding. So, when she hears from underneath a trailer that she’s going to be sent away to live with her uncle, she’s not very surprised. At her uncle’s, Roo discovers a hidden garden that hasn’t been entered in years. She also finds strange sick people living with her (her uncle’s house used to be a sanitarium), and they tell tales of the Yellow Girl, the ghost who supposedly haunts the house.

This story is full of adventure, which I liked, but it didn’t really make sense. Also, there are random people that Roo’s living with, but she doesn’t even know until she walks into their rooms by mistake. And Roo’s uncle isn’t really a character. I mean, he never takes care of her or anything, even though he’s her legal guardian. So I’m like :S

But all in all, the book was pretty good, so I give it 3.5 stars. 🙂


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