Library Haul! <3

So today we went to the library and brought home our very own….

Library Haul!!!!!!!!

A Library Haul is when you go to the library and get awesome books! Here is our very own Library Haul!

The Whole Story of Half a Girl by Veera Hiranandani- After Sonia’s father loses his job, Sonia is taken away from her friends and her school. Students at her new school ask questions about Sonia’s mixed heritage, and Sonia feels isolated and alone. Of course, her father going missing doesn’t make her feel any better. Sonia must learn to adjust to her new life.

Red River Stallion by Troon Harrison- When Amelia first sees the red stallion, she’s convinced that he is her “spirit animal”. When she finds out that the stallion will be going away soon, she fears all his magic will be gone. But then, Amelia receives a letter from her father, a man she’s never met, inviting her to Red River Valley where he (and the stallion) live. Should she abandon the only life she’s ever had, or should she go with her father in hopes of finding the Red River Stallion?

Waggit’s Tale by Peter Howe- Okay, first of all, you should know that I am a huge sucker for horse stories (see above), but most of all I am a sucker for dog stories. Don’t judge me, please! Anyway, this book is about a homeless (gasp), nameless (gasp) and LOST (GASP) little doggy! Until one day, he is found by a group of dogs who take him in and teach him about how to survive in the wild. So he becomes Waggit, the dog with the most waggly tail!!!!!!! Awwwwww!!!!!!!! (I told you, don’t judge! 🙂 ) 

That is my (Jocelyn’s) Library Haul! Julia might be posting soon with her Library Haul! I hope this post helps you find a good book because believe me, finding a book that you actually like is harder than it looks! Good night peeps! 


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