Review: Red River Stallion by Troon Harrison

So, as you probably know, Red River Stallion was part of my (Jocelyn’s) Library Haul. It’s about 14-year-old Amelia, who lives with her younger sister in her mother’s Native American tribe. Amelia is searching for her pawakan, or spirit animal. She’s convinced she’s found one when a red stallion suddenly appears out of nowhere. But she starts to have doubts about the stallion being her spirit animal when she finds out he belongs to a white woman. Also, Amelia has just received a long lost letter originally addressed to her mother, who has passed away since then. The letter is from her real father, who abandoned his family. It’s inviting Amelia and her sister to come live in his town! Should Amelia go in hopes of finding Foxfire, the red stallion, or should she stay with her tribe?

This book was suspenseful and descriptive, so I liked it, but I didn’t like how it was written with British terms in it. For example, it says “colourful” instead of “colorful”. Also, instead of two quotation marks around dialogue, like this: “Hello!”, it would be like this: ‘Hello!’ I know that’s not the author’s fault, but for some reason it really annoyed me.

Plus, the first 2 chapters are, um, really really boring. You will probably not like them. So my advice is to read at least 3 chapters of it before abandoning it. But anyway, it was a really good book, so I would recommend it.



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