Review: Freaks by Kieran Larwood

Freaks is a good book set in Victorian London. It features Sheba, Akiko, and a certain Monkey, and describes their adventures. Completely normal, right? Right. . . except for one small issue: they’re all in a freak show.

Meet Akiko, always known as Sister Moon, is a girl ninja! She’s tough, skilled, and amazing! Meet Sheba the Wolfgirl, who morphs into a wolf! Meet the incredibly stinky Monkeyboy, who takes some pranks a little too far.

They’re all in a traveling sideshow along with some other freaks when they hear that street urchins are being snatched! Moon, Sheba, and Monkeyboy know all too well what it is to be an outsider, so are they going to let other defenseless children suffer? No. Way.

Julia of Beegirls Books is a real cool peep who thinks books are da bomb. P.S. Do you readers like when there’s a little snippet of fun facts at the bottom like this?


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