Review: The Path of Names by Ari Goelman

Dahlia Sherman is sure she’ll hate everything about the Jewish camp her parents are forcing her to go to. But the, some suspicions arise. First she sees two little girls walk through her cabin’s walls. Then comes the mysterious, vivid dreams and flashbacks belonging to a young Jewish man, David Schank. And there’s a hedge-y labyrinth nobody is allowed to enter. Dahlia’s quest for answers is filled with all things superstitious, ghostly, and supernatural. . . 

I liked the adventure and supernatural elements of this book. I didn’t like that I felt I had to skim many boring parts. I honestly did not care about David Schank. This book also had many, many Jewish references, which is fine. But I am not Jewish, so I really didn’t understand and was kind of confused throughout this whole book. I think Jewish readers would get a better overall experience of this book. For the above listed reasons, I give The Path of Names ***. (three stars out of five.) 

Julia of Beegirls Books likes to splash in the rain on sunny, perfect days. 

Read that carefully one more time. 


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