Review: Secret of the Night Ponies by Joan Hiatt Harlow

Hi guys! We haven’t posted in a while, but we’re back! And, as GG Koolz ( said, “[We’re] better than ever!”

So this review is for Secret of the Night Ponies. It was really good! It was about a girl named Jessie living in Newfoundland in 1965. She loves horses and even has two of her own. So when she hears that a dozen Newfoundland ponies are being captured and shipped of to Canada (probably to die), Jessie knows she must do something to save them. She then puts a daring and elaborate plan to save the horses into action! 

I liked all the excitement and adventure in this book, but I felt that some of the dialogue was very unrealistic. For example, (this isn’t the exact quote, but it’s something along these lines) someone says, “I’m about to plummet headlong into an icy abyss.” No one talks like that! Also, someone else says, “Don’t get lackadaisical about this.” Lackadaisical is a word that is not commonly used in a sentence. As you can see, lots of quotes were really fake.

But the book in general was good, so I say you should try it XD XP

Jocelyn is reading My One Hundred Adventures by Polly Horvath. It doesn’t look very good, so she is really, really hoping she will like it more as the story progresses.


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