Review: The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket by John Boyne

The Brockets are a normal family. They are controlling and need every little thing to be perfect. Everything must be thoroughly, utterly, painfully normal. There’s a normal mother and a normal father, and there’s a normal brother and a normal sister. Heck, there’s even a normal dog.

Until one day little Barnaby is welcomed into the world. His parents are absolutely appalled. Why? Well… Barnaby is a little different. He completely disobeys the law of gravity. That’s right- he floats.

The Brockets life a life of concealing Barnaby’s “freak” quality. They finally decide that they never asked for a weird, abnormal floating child. They kick him out. :-(. He comes across a hot air balloon and begins his magical trip around the world, trying to get back home.

I loved this book because as I was reading, over and over my brain chanted to me silently: What is normal? This book made me think about that burning question, and it has a very positive message of be kind to everyone, even your coldhearted family who threw you out because you were kind of abnormal. It had a lovely message also of not caring what others think, be yourself, and normal is boring! Highly recommended, wonderfully crafted book. 5 stars! :-D!

Julia of Beegirls Books is reading the book reviewed above… she just couldn’t wait to do this post! Yay! Go books, go nerdy, go followers! ❤


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