My Library Haul- May 22

Ah. So here we are, back again for more Library Haul! I’m glad you like this feature, as you were the one who clicked on the post title to read more. Come and delve into the deep, wonderful sea of READING! You won’t need to bring anything, as all your needs and wants will be met. Don’t hold your breath, for brainpower fuels your body even better than oxygen. This is My Library Haul.

The Path of Names by Ari Goelman- Dahlia thinks summer camp will be terrible, but she begins to doubt that when she begins to have mysterious dreams and see mystical things! What’s up with that? What’s up with the overgrown hedge at camp that no one’s allowed to touch?

Freaks by Kieran Larwood- This book is supah good! Stay tuned for a review!!

Winter Sky by Patricia Reilly Giff- Siria has to figure out who is setting fires in town and learn to be brave.

Lara’s Gift  by Annemarie O’Brien- Lara’s father has a sled-dog business, and she is going to inherit it, until her brother replaces her! But Lara has a gift of understanding the animals, and she has to speak up and save her dogs.

The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brockett by John Boyne- Barnaby can float! He takes an adventure around the world.






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Review: When My Name Was Keoko by Linda Sue Park

I recently read When My Name Was Keoko by Linda Sue Park. I liked it because it was really interesting, as in, some historical fiction topics are overused. Let’s face it, how many Holocaust books have you read/seen/heard of? How many Korean- set World War II books have you read?

This book is about just that. It was fascinating and heartbreaking to see how Sun-hee and her brother Tae-yul, and their mother, uncle, and father had everything taken away by the Japanese during that time period. Their names, culture, language, food amounts. . . it was sad and interesting! It shows the lives of Sun-heeand Tae-yul. It is told from alternating viewpoints (<3) and there are some major and shocking plot twists that I lo-o-oved! (<3)

So I would recommend this book because it was good!

-Julia of Beegirls Books


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Review: Red River Stallion by Troon Harrison

So, as you probably know, Red River Stallion was part of my (Jocelyn’s) Library Haul. It’s about 14-year-old Amelia, who lives with her younger sister in her mother’s Native American tribe. Amelia is searching for her pawakan, or spirit animal. She’s convinced she’s found one when a red stallion suddenly appears out of nowhere. But she starts to have doubts about the stallion being her spirit animal when she finds out he belongs to a white woman. Also, Amelia has just received a long lost letter originally addressed to her mother, who has passed away since then. The letter is from her real father, who abandoned his family. It’s inviting Amelia and her sister to come live in his town! Should Amelia go in hopes of finding Foxfire, the red stallion, or should she stay with her tribe?

This book was suspenseful and descriptive, so I liked it, but I didn’t like how it was written with British terms in it. For example, it says “colourful” instead of “colorful”. Also, instead of two quotation marks around dialogue, like this: “Hello!”, it would be like this: ‘Hello!’ I know that’s not the author’s fault, but for some reason it really annoyed me.

Plus, the first 2 chapters are, um, really really boring. You will probably not like them. So my advice is to read at least 3 chapters of it before abandoning it. But anyway, it was a really good book, so I would recommend it.


Review: Samantha Sutton and the Winter of the Warrior Queen

I recently read Samantha Sutton and the Winter of the Warrior Queen by Jordan Jacobs. I thought it was a good read. . . it was an adventure, perhaps a mystery of sorts, I suppose. Anyhow, it is about twelve year old Samantha Sutton, who goes an an archaeological expedition with her brother Evan and Uncle Jay. But everything changes when Samantha digs up a legendary artifact  and hears the local legends of the ground in which she found it being the ancient fortress of Queen Boudica. The warrior queen. Sam is excited, but as others begin to learn of her findings, she realizes she is in danger!

So it was a good read. I liked Sam as a character and the writing was exciting! I would probably give a 3.5 or 4 star out of 5 because there were a few brief parts that I had to slush through. But I recommend it if you like mystery, suspense, adventure, danger, and archaeology. Or if you don’t like archaeology. 😉

Peace guys and happy reading!

Julia of Beegirls Books

Also available is Samantha Sutton and the Labyrinth of Lies by Jordan Jacobs. I want to read it because of the ah-ma-zing title!

Review: The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly

So I read this book called The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. I liked it enough. It wasn’t exactly fandom-worthy but a worthwhile read. It is about Calpurnia Virginia Tate, or Callie Vee, and her life in 1899. Back then, women and girls only existed to cook and clean and be proper dignified ladies. Callie began exploring science with her “crazy” grandfather, because back then science was not taught to children in schools. She’s deemed “improper” or “crazy” as well. But the more she learns, the more she needs to know. Callie Vee knows that she will have to grow up and become a housewife just like her mother, but she can still be a scientist. . . right?

I really loved the anti stereotype and anti sexism message in this book. I think we need to have more books with this message. The characters were believable enough, I suppose. Calpurnia was a great girl hero in the story. To be honest, this book’s plot had some repetition, but the writing was intriguing so it didn’t cross my mind as much. It was a level Y. (I try to include book GRLs when I can.)

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate was part of my (Julia’s) Library Haul! Books are so amazing! Go book nerdiness!