Nonfiction Book Lists

I know- “It’s nonfiction, blaaah! So boring!” Hopefully these picks will help you turn nonfiction into a boredom buster rather than it being boredom itself.


Girls who Rocked the World by Michelle Roahm McCann- I love this inspiring book, and for the boys there is “Boys who Rocked the World”.

The Rhino with Glue-On Shoes by Lucy H. Spelman and Ted Y. Mashima- An amazing collection of true animal rescue stories. Yes, it does feature a rhino with glue on shoes.


I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai-An inspiring story of a girl who stood up for what she believed in. Grades 4+

Grace, gold and glory: my leap of faith by Gabrielle Douglas- A great story of a girl who never gave up and achieved her dream goals.

Red Scarf Girl by Ji-Li Jiang- A riveting account of the Cultural Revolution. Grades 5+

The Fairy Ring by Mary Losure- A true story of how two girls fooled the world into thinking that fairies did in fact exist.

The Tapir Scientist- A cool account of adventures researching an unusual animal.


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